Look the part this season with authentic hand crafted canes and umbrellas made in England for FOX, just one of the quality accessory brands available at Strand Hatters. Made to compliment your style, our accessories include both contemporary and timeless classics for you to choose from.


Fox Umbrellas

In 1868, during the reign of Queen Victoria, Mr Thomas Fox opened a shop in the City of London, making and selling the most finely crafted whalebone framed, silk umbrellas.

In the 1880s a major change in the manufacturing process took place with the introduction of a stainless steel umbrella mechanism, invented by a Mr Samuel Fox (no relation). By replacing the traditional whalebone frame of the umbrella with the new steel frame, Fox created a unique, stronger and lighter umbrella. And so the modern umbrella was born.

As a result over the next few decades the company grew in status and reputation, and by the 1930s had started to export to Japan, USA and other overseas markets.

Among the many milestones in their illustrious history (which includes making umbrellas for some of the most prestigious stores and individuals around the world; including Royalty, Presidents and Prime Ministers) is the first nylon umbrella. This was developed during their work making parachute flares in the Second World War. The fabric used was a new invention called nylon. Realising the advantages of using nylon instead of silk, they introduced the first nylon covered umbrella in 1947 at the "Britain Can Make It" Exhibition at Crystal Palace, in London.

Since those days the company has built a reputation for excellence, skill and superb craftsmanship, and today the quality and attention to detail are still the hallmark of a Fox Umbrella.

The process of making Fox Umbrellas has changed very little, as to obtain the high quality that we require, it is still necessary to rely on the skill of hand-workers rather than machines.

Fox Umbrellas, with its history and globally renowned reputation for excellence, still exists today, albeit with a change of name to Fox Umbrellas Ltd.

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